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The Wilds is simplified, performance-proven skincare, inspired by nature and the joy of minimalism. Designed for a world that is happily wild, and skin that is happily free.


Let us be blunt: healthy skin does not require 20 different steps or products. We spent years trying every new skin-solve, and feeling overwhelmed by the million mixed messages about what was best. Our skin bore the brunt, and every dermatologist pointed us towards the same golden truth: simple is best. 

We listened, saw our skin smile as a result, and decided the goodness had to be shared. Our skincare line-up keeps it simple with four easy steps (two at night, two in the morning) designed to reduce your routine in time, energy and shelf space.

Our products take that minimalism even further, using only the hero ingredients you need and nothing else. Because you and your skin deserve to breathe freely again, too.

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The skincare industry has a lot of growing to do, and we’re here to be part of the change. Our genderless products are skin-first, because skin is skin and the ingredients we’ve chosen share the same mentality. 

We believe in making sustainable practices more widespread through an accessible routine made for all humans and skin types. 

We know people are their most beautiful when they feel like themselves – so we’ve worked hard to create skincare that gets skin looking its natural best, through a routine that gives you more time for you.

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Pro-planet living is the natural root of everything we do (pun intended). And while a lot of brands say the same, we’ve fought hard to make it true.

Our ingredients are 100% non-toxic and safe for humans and the planet. Our transparency flows from our ingredient list to our glass bottles, so you know what you’re getting every time. The path to 100% sustainable production is more like a marathon – but we’re on our way with 100% recyclable packaging and 90% recyclable bottles (and dedicated to getting that last 10% by 2025). 

And while we’re starting small, we’ve made a big commitment to donate 1% of our profits to the amazing 1% For The Planet movement, which certifies reputable businesses to prevent greenwashing and contribute to truly impactful, planet-saving initiatives.

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In The News

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Minimalist Skincare

For a more authentic you that is happily wild. With skin that is naturally free. 



From The Founder