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The Wilds; European Summer

Our Founder, Ro spent some time in the European sun this Summer - We sat down to ask her our burning questions.

Summer skincare, lifestyle, and a taste of Italy all in one sitting. Enjoy --  

Q - What was the highlight of your trip?

On the second night of our trip, my friends surprised me and had this incredible night planned to celebrate my 30th birthday. 

We enjoyed dinner at this amazing Masseria (Italian farmhouse) called Masseria Montenapoleone. We enjoyed a 6 course menu at a long table dinner that was placed in between the vine path of the vineyard. It was one of the most memorable dining experiences of my life. 

Q - What was your favourite meal / restaurant experience you had over your Summer vacation?

On our second to last night, we had dinner in the center courtyard of this incredible castle — the venue felt like it was plucked right out of a movie. 

We spent the entire night belly laughing, guessing neighbouring table dynamics and drinking wine (margarita’s for me because I am unwaveringly loyal to my tequila).

It was one of those rare moments when you know you’re creating a lifelong memory. 

Q - What is your post beach skin routine? 

Post beach, I always give my face a good cleanse. Salt water, sweat and SPF makes for the perfect pore clogging recipe.

 As soon as I get home, I give my face a really nice long cleanse with the Complex Cleanser and follow it up with a healthy dose of Moonbeam.

 Both include many skin salvaging ingredients but some of my favourites include —

• Green Tea Extract // Contains UV-protecting, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial properties, meaning it protects from sun damage, puffiness, bad bacteria and unhealthy cells.⁠

•  Glycerin // Protects against irritation, relieves dryness, and acts as a softening emollient to restore your skin's natural moisture barrier. ⁠

Q - Do you have any tips on how to keep your skin hydrated over the course of traveling?

I used to suffer from such bad post-flying skin. But I genuinely feel like i’ve mastered it… 

1. Stay hydrated — I always buy myself a big 1 litre bottle of water as soon as I get through security. Will you have to go pee about 100 times during your flight? Absolutely. But your skin will thank you for it, I promise.

2. Daydream Day Cream — all of our products are carry-on friendly, sitting under 100ML or less. I always have Daydream with me and will reapply half way through my flight. That recycled airplane air is so unforgiving and your skin will drink up Daydream like it’s life depends on it.

3. Water Based Mist — I recently bought myself the Biologique Recherche L'Eauxygenante (travel size) which is a moisturizing, antioxidant and oxygenating mist. It stimulates the epidermis and envelopes it in a protective veil.

4. Lip Balm/Serum — we are currently testing a lip serum formula that I brought with my on this trip and I can confidently say, I am never traveling without it ever again. Cannot wait for you to try. 

Q - Any tips on how to soothe your skin after a few too many hours by the pool?

/products/daydream-day-creamWell first and foremost, the best way to soothe or care for your skin post-pool actually starts with your time pre-pool. 

A good SPF is KEY (my current favourites are Forah and Suntegrity) and remember to reapply constantly. 

All of four of our products have some really special sun-soothing properties that help to both calm and recover the skin. 

• Hyaluronic Acid // This hydrating hero can bind up to 1000x its weight in water, holding moisture molecules tight to your skin’s surface to keep it nice and hydrated.⁠

• Vitamin C // The one that does it all – from lightening pigmentation and dark spots to evening out skin tone and boosting collagen formation. It enhances natural radiance and elasticity to keep skin looking bright, tight and ready to tackle the day.⁠

• Vegan Squalane // Derived and extracted from olives, this super smart hydrator helps to calm a vulnerable (sun soaked) moisture barrier. ⁠

Q - What's your best kept secret for letting go, and enjoying your vacation?

One of my focusses this year has been to work on being more present. As I've gotten older, i’ve realized how quickly time passes, especially as we get caught up in the day to day of our lives and that moments spent traveling or quality time with friends and family are truly such a gift. 

At the start of every dinner, me and my girlfriends would flip our phones over, remind each other that we are committing to being present for the evening and follow it all up with a big group cheers, looking each other in the eyes and screaming “EYES, EYES, EYES” :)