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Routines, tips and must-knows on how to care for your skin this summer. 

Between travel, long hot beach days and spicy margaritas, it’s important to keep your skin in mind.

Preparing your skin for the lifestyle and environmental changes that come along with summer months is an essential part of keeping your skin healthy and happy.

To ensure you’re hydrated, plumped and protected, we’ve rounded up our routines, must-knows and essential tips to glowing skin. 

TIP #1: How to Stay Hydrated on Travel Days 

It's been shown that our skin does its best in 50-70% humidity. This keeps hydration levels high and it's an environment your skin is naturally used to. Want to know what plane cabins are kept at — 20%.

This is why when we get off our flights, our skin can feel irritated.

Finding a great hydrating facial mist to spray on pre, during, and post flight is an amazing way to lock in moisture and keep your skin happy. We suggest taking off any thicker makeup (preferably all makeup!) before applying.

Additionally, all of our products are thoughtfully packaged in glass bottles under 100mL so you can comfortably travel with your skincare essentials in-cabin. 

TIP #2: Pack the Key Accessories 

While the key to 100% sun protection is to just stay out of it, we know there’s no better feeling than some natural Vitamin D. However, what we will suggest is planning out your outfits with sun protection in mind to help minimize exposure. Wide brimmed hats, proper UV protected sunglasses and even beach umbrellas are a great way to maintain healthy levels of sun exposure.

SPF is essential year-round but especially so in the summer months. Some of our *clean* favourites include: Suntegrity, UnSun and SuperGoop

TIP #3: Avoid Hotel or Travel Made Toiletries

We’ve all seen photos of airport baggage claims across the world — packing light/traveling with just your carry-on for your next trip is a almost non-negotiable… 

Narrowing down your skincare essentials to a TSA friendly bag can be hard but experimenting with products during travel is less than ideal.. This is when we want our skin to shine. 

The Wilds is not only step-simplified, allowing you to travel with your entire essential skincare routine in just four (4) products, but each bottle is 100mL or less making it the perfect solution to any travel day, but especially travel this summer. 

If you’re on the fence about bringing the Full Routine, we suggest packing our Simple Serum to supplement pre / post beach days with a boost of much needed nutrients, and our Complex Cleanser to give your skin some extra love and wash the day away. 

TIP #4: Bring a Summer Remedy

Life happens and too much sun is sometimes inevitabile. This is why we keep our Moonbeam Night Cream in our back pocket. After a long day, it’s important to give your skin the much needed rest to repair. Our Moonbeam Night Cream includes restorative ingredients such as Glycerin; a hydration supercharger that helps repair the skin's natural moisture barrier, and Vitamin A; to boost collagen production, and preserve elastin. 

The mixture of these two ingredients creates a balanced solution for irritated skin and will have you waking up plump, refreshed and hydrated. 

Now that you’re on your way with our simple travel tips, your skin can stay clean, dewy and #HappilyWild. & remember to tag us on your adventures @thewilds.skincare!

Happy traveling.