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All products featured on The Wilds Skincare Gift Guide 2022 are independently selected by our in-house team, hand picked to make gifting this holiday season easier than ever.

While most other guides lean on stereotypes, our guides are inspired by real lifestyles, real people and their very real wants and wishes.The curated guide below kept our core brand values at the forefront of each selection — sustainability, non-toxic wellness and products suited for everyone.

DedCool Fragrances

*A fact about why “clean” fragrances matter*
“The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (a coalition of some 100 organizations, including the EWG, all advocating for transparency in the personal-care industry) commissioned independent laboratory tests on 17 best selling fragrances and found an average of 14 hidden chemicals in each.

Among those hidden chemicals are solvents, stabilizers, preservatives, and dyes, including compounds associated with hormone disruption, allergic reactions, and accumulation in human tissue—and many of them have never been assessed for safety in personal-care products” - Goop —Why Perfume Is the Last—and Perhaps Most Important—Frontier in Clean Beauty

DedCool scents exclude ingredients that disrupt your hormones, damage your skin, or harm your body and the environment. 

And if that wasn’t enough — ”Dedcool compositions don't include water, which allows us to be better to our planet and have our scents to deliver longer wearing power. 

You can spot a watered down fragrance when aqua/water is listed as one of the main ingredients. Traditional Eau De Parfums have a range of 10-15% fragrance concentrate, Dedcool Fragrances range from 30-35% In replacement of water, we use our signature blend of 23 certified organic extracts to nourish, soothe, and aid with anti-inflammatory properties”

The Hopelessly Romantic Gift Guide - DedCool Fragrances

Another Clean Fragrance Favourite — Henry Rose 

The Hopelessly Romantic Gift Guide - DedCool Fragrances
The Hopelessly Romantic Gift Guide - Non-Toxic Candle

The MMW Lab — The Fifties 

The MMW Lab explores visual and olfactory elements that dance with the senses and leave an impression on our memories, opening up a new way to tell a new story in our home with each candle, named after a decade in history. 

“You are sitting in a hidden Jazz Club in New York City. A candlelit smoke-filled room with Red velvet curtains draped against the dark walls. You look around at all the soft white linen tablecloths dangling over the small round tables. With a gin martini in hand and a lit cigarette, Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby are sitting around a piano singing Their classic song 'TRUE LOVE'.” 

Gary Bodker Design Vase 

Handmade in Oregon, Gary Bodker’s designs elevate our everyday spaces into beautiful moments.

Sitting in Founder Ro Brahmand’s home is the Yellow XL Gems Vase. It’s unique shape and height offer a distinct floral experience to any room. 

The Hopelessly Romantic Gift Guide - Gary Bodker Design Vase

Their Jewelry

There is nothing more special, in our opinion, than the idea of heirlooms. A beautiful treasure that holds memories and stories, often in delicate little packages. Their Jewlery, founded by husband and wife Alexander and Lauren Ludwig, perfectly balances modern inspiration with timeless design. Our personal favorite, The Sutton Oval Locket — made from 14K recycled sterling silver and plated with rhodium.